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WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT Vas sapnin? Zayn Malik Fanfiction. Yes I do one shots. :) Please follow and recommend to others, <3

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Anonymous said: pleaase update baaabe


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I know you guys hate me, sorry!

But I have noticed that my readers from Russia and Chile have been checking a lot to see if I have posted therefore I will post the final chapter by next week.

I have been feeling so blah lately

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justlovingthemusic said: ooh ok, then, cant wait for the last chapter! and cant wait for your new fanfic :D

i will update it tonight or tomorrow night :D

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justlovingthemusic said: Wait, are you saying that chapter you just uploaded its the last one? or that the chapter that you'll upload now, after that one, its the last one? Either way, I looooooved your fanfic and i cant wait to read your other projects! this is definitely one of my favorite fanfics so im definitely reading your next one

The chapter I am going to upload is the last one. Aw thank you!!! omg that honestly means a lot. Didn’t think it would be anyones favorite but thank you bub! 

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I know this was not a great chapter but I am planning on ending this chapter and starting a new fanfic. :)


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I got up pulling him up with me from our sitting position. I stare into his deep hazel eyes that wondered for questions.

"I need to tell you about someone first" I say. It was definitely time to tell him about Mario. He let’s go of my hands as his smile disappears.

"I’m listening" he snaps as anger crosses his face.

I walk closer to him taking both his hands. His hands felt like it was burning against my cold skin.

"You don’t need to be angry, he’s dead" I say taking deep breaths.

I notice his body relaxing, his eyes starring back into mine, confused. He grabs me closer placing his soft pink lips on mine.

"What the fuck" I hear Harry shout.

I quickly turn my head around but Harry was gone. I quickly stare back at Zayn who was smiling.

I hadn’t even thought of how we were going to tell the boys that we were officially together again.

"Why are you smiling" I try to sound serious.

"Well at least now we don’t have to tell them anything" He pulls me towards the door.

But. Oh my god. I wasn’t ready for this.

"Wait no I can’t go downstairs" I say quietly, feeling my cheeks turn hot.

"Why not?" He questions me.

"Because of us I made them feel awkward, I ignored them for so long, and because of me.."

"Who cares, they will be happy for us" Zayn stops me.

I let out a huge sigh knowing that was true but argh.

"Come on let’s go" He pulls my hand.

We walk downstairs hand in hand letting them observe us. It seemed like Harry had already told them because they all had a big smile on their face. I could tell I was blushing hard.

"Come on Louis, Niall and Liam take out the 50’s" Harry brings out his hand.

"I still don’t believe you" Louis argues back. Liam and Niall argue with Harry as well ignoring Zayn and I.

I look at Zayn who was just as confused as I was.

"What’s there not to believe? They are holding hands aren’t they?" Harry points out to us.

"That doesn’t prove they kissed. Were you guys actually kissing?" Louis smirks.

I blush turning my head towards Zayn.

"Are you guys together again?" Niall asks.

I blush nodding my head.

"Awwww" He walks towards us giving us a hug.

"Alright bring out the 50s" Harry demands.

"But our bet was on because you said you saw them kissing"

"BUT THEY DID" Harry throws a pillow at Louis.

I turn around to Zayn who was laughing. All of us were.


"Bye guys" I wave one last time.

Zayn closes the door behind him, following me to my car.

"Babe go inside its freezing" I say.

"I want to drop you home"

"But I have my car"

"I know I will just drive behind you" he takes out his keys.

"But its late and I will call you when I get home" I try to convenience him.

He kisses my cheeks and walks towards his black Range Rover.

He was so stubborn but I loved it.

I got in my car allowing him to follow me to my house.

I parked inside the garage so I wouldn’t have to deal with a snowy car in the morning. I closed the garage door behind me walking towards my drive way where Zayn was waiting for me. He was leaning against his car with his arms crossed starring right at me. It made me feel week and fragile. Almost as if he was going to leave me again. I pushed the thought out of my head smiling back at him.

"Thank you" I look up to him.

"So you’re not going to invite me for coffee?" He frowns.

"Shut up and go" I laugh.

"Don’t you dare talk to me like that again miss"

"Oh yea what are you gonna do about it?" I ask almost regretting it.

He grabs me in his arms pulling me up and onto the pile of snow. My whole body sucked in the soft snow as I shivered from the cold.

"Zayyyyn you asshole" I scream half laughing. I struggled to get up, grabbing as much as snow I could. I threw it at him and missed miserably. He laughed out loud enjoying my struggle. I threw another snow ball at him and this time it hit his face.

And in that moment a snow fight began. We were both so loud that we didn’t even notice the lights on my drive way was turned on. Two seconds later my dad walked in.

"Sanaria?" He asks.

I jump hearing his voice. I stop our fight and turn around.

"Uhm hi dad" I say embarrassed.

"Hello Mr.Brown sorry to wake you up, I told Sani locks this wasn’t a good idea but you know how she is" He walks towards my dad letting out his hand.

"She is crazy don’t worry about it Zayn. Zayn it was right?" He shakes Zayns hand.

Wow. I roll my eyes walking towards them.

"Um excuse me I’m standing right here if you guys haven’t noticed" I complain.

"Yea so anyways Mr.Brown I think I should leave now that I dropped this crazy woman. Goodluck" He laughs with my dad ignoring me.

As much as I pretended like I was annoyed I was happy and glad that my dad was getting a long with Zayn.

"Thanks Zayn, I appreciate it" My dad pats his back.

"Say goodbye San and come inside you’re going to get sick" He walks out "Oh by the way Zayn, we are having our Christmas dinner this Friday, you better show up" He winks leaving us a lone.

"Wow I’m impressed, my dad just invited you for our family Christmas dinner" I say surprisingly.

"Who isn’t impressed by me" Zayn smirks.

"Oh shut up" I roll my eyes.

"Did you just tell me to shut up again crazy woman?" He raises his eyebrows.

"Yes so shut up and go home now" I smile.

"Not until you tell me your story" he says.

"Come a bit early on Friday and I will tell you"

I go on my tip toes to reach his lips but he brought himself down a bit to kiss me. I move my hands towards his neck letting the kiss last as long as it could.

I sigh and let go of the kiss as my drive way lights turn off. It was my dad calling me inside.

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Anonymous said: please update!!!

Hopefully tomorrow :) 

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Anonymous said: please tell me you are updating it soon! i can't take the suspence!! please? Begging!?

Honestly when you guys leave me messages like this it does motivate me to write but I would appreciate it if I get more feedbacks, followers, reblog and loveeeeee :)

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livelongandvulcanon said: When are you updating the fan fic?!? It's so good!

Hey I am currently writing it but I don’t have my laptop so I will post it tomorrow. <3 

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